Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sleep Wellbeing 2

I got my results back from the insomnia-combating course, Sleep Wellbeing. I filled in a questionnaire describing my pre-bedtime habits and the current quality of my sleep (poor, on both counts). The course leader has pointed out that the days that I work are days when I go to bed early and wake early, but the weekend days are days when I sleep late and wake late, meaning my body clock shunts about twice every week.

“So,” the advice states, “for two weeks commit to this new routine and plan to be asleep for 12am and wake at 7.30am every day.”

Now, because I love my bars and clubs I may struggle to stick to that. But even if I do have a late night, the course still allows short naps in the afternoons. And with summer on our doorstep, the constant early mornings will- in theory- leave me topped up with vitamin D and ready to face the day.


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