Saturday, 11 July 2009

Have You had a Deliverance Moment?

My mum and dad have just come back from a week of kayaking down the Thames river. The Thames, most famous for flowing through the heart of London, also reaches the rural areas of southern England on its 215 mile course.

Whilst venturing down the forested regions of the river, numerous people asked them if they had had a "Deliverance Moment". Thankfully, they had not.

In the film "Deliverance", a group of city men kayak down a U.S. river in a forest in Georgia, a southern U.S. state. Ned Beatty's character is sodomized by two hillbilly mountain men. It's a fucked up scene. Not that I want to spoil it for you.

Someone else in my parent's kayaking team filled them in on the concept of the film. I'm sure glad I didn't have to, although I have previously mentioned it to them.

Suffice to say, both parents are home safe and unabused. I suggested, again, that Mum watches it (albeit not when I'm in the room) but she for some reason declined...

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