Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Have You Used The Literotica Forums?

Continuing my search for feedback on some adult lit I wrote, I've been advised to check out the forums on erotic literature website Literotica.

The primary site, Literotica, is first and foremost a place to find erotic fiction and poetry. It seeks submissions year-round.

I joined for the forums, which apparently can be a good method of getting criticism on your work. I had a quick browse around it a couple of weeks ago and have set up a profile. It isn't as simple as showing you a link that takes you to my page, seemingly, but if you search the site for “CageFighting”, you should be directed to my work. So feel free to have a look.

I'll give it a shot for a week. Can anyone comment on the usability of the site?

Update: I reviewed it here.