Friday, 23 March 2012

Getting Published: Results

Pic courtesy JaciXIII, Flickr

Remember, a writer writes always.”
-Larry (Billy Crystal), Throw Momma From the Train

Well... It's deadline day. Self-imposed deadline day, that is. I wanted to spend a month trying to get as many pieces of writing published as I could. So that's what I did. I fired out 5 pieces 10 times each. I also noticed an extra opportunity and sent out a screenplay after this. So, that's...

6 separate items
51 submissions
11 rejections so far
5 acceptances!

Not a bad ratio, I reckon. Of course, as these were simultaneous submissions, I have had to turn down some offers of publication due to certain magazines' submission guidelines.

Some of these acceptances haven't been actually published yet, so I can't show you them all until they are, but...

Here's Heartshead Pike, a sessional Haiku piece in Indigo Rising magazine 

And here's The Mix (adult content) in Eskimo Pie magazine.

It was great getting these pieces out there as these are old projects that have been hanging over me for years, nagging me to write them. It was a good bit of profile-raising, and something I want to keep up from now on.

I was hoping to polish off a few other pieces, but I needed more feedback on them first. So I started to trawl the internet for writing feedback sites, another task I'd put off for a long time. wasn't right for me and I'm currently struggling with the Literotica forums. Again, I'll keep tapping away at these sites until I find one that's right for me. Any recommendations?


Christopher Allen said...

Congratulations, Matt! That's a grand ratio indeed. I have no recommendations, but there is an excellent list of sites over at Flash Fiction Chronicles on the right-hand side under critique groups.

CageFightingBlogger said...

Thanks Chris, I'll check that out! Hope your writing's going well fella!