Sunday, 4 March 2012

Avici White Expands

Manchester club Avici White, at 111A Deansgate, has been a bastion of the city's house music scene for over a year. Recently the club's music styles have edged out of house and more towards mainstream, prompting somewhat of a repercussion from the club's regulars over Facebook. Was this the end of Avici White for house fans who, for the last year, have been enjoying acts like Joey Negro, Sandy Rivera, Stereo Sushi, ATFC and Jon Fitz?

I asked promoter Natalie Anna Etchells why the music- and the club- had seemed to turn a corner.

We are now buying another club in Manchester for house music,” said Natalie, “and needed a strong promotional brand to take over so we can put our efforts into the new venue. Plus Global Glamour (national club promotion agency) who now run our Friday and Saturdays pack it out every weekend without fail, so for business purposes it makes the most sense. I'm a house girl through and through and actually prefer the new nights due to crowd and atmosphere. You should come try it, you'd be pleasantly surprised.”

A quick Google search suggests we could have another scoop here, people...

I'm looking forward to the new venue- and quite tempted to drop in to Avici's primary venue again to sample the new atmos. House or not, it could be a good shout.

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