Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Kro or Tesco?

The following is a paragraph from an abandoned blog post that I wrote over a year ago. I was keen on writing a “ten best” list post about the bars in Manchester city centre. It occurred to me halfway through writing this that I actually hadn't done much going out in Manchester for a few years, and that there were countless new and interesting places that had opened while I'd been moping around on Oldham's Yorkshire Street. Not only that, but other people had written the exact post I wanted to before me. So I dropped it. Here's a paragraph from the Word document:

The mostly unlikely place you'll get a “lock-in” is Kro bar, where glass and class are the order of the evening. The original Kro bar is way out of the centre near the Manchester University buildings on Oxford Road. I went in 2003- on a blind date, in fact- and had one of the best steaks I've eaten still to this day. Kro2 is situated further into the city, still on Oxford Road and next to the old BBC building. In the bar's garden, the heated patio shades above each bench shouldn't be missed- provided it's June. The one thing out of the control of bar architects is the weather. Kro3 is the most accessible in Piccadilly Gardens. All good starting places for a session.

Kro2 was a brilliant bar- a place I watched the construction of in 2002 when I lived over the road at the Manchester Student Village. Unfortunately, today the bar has closed. Rumour has it Tesco have purchased the building, resulting in a protest from a local activist group headed by Robert Taylor. Here's the MEN write-up:

It's a real shame that Kro2 isn't open any more, but I can't help thinking that a supermarket is more of a boost to the economy than a bar (of which there are plenty throughout the city). After all, for local residents and students, where else is there to food shop? The Spar? Extortionate. Tesco Metro at Market St? It's a bit of a walk away. It's also quite far to walk to the bus stop- up to Piccadilly to get transport back down to Oxford Rd. ASDA Hulme? Perhaps, provided you know the local bus routes. And not the safest of places, especially when you're a student and a target for unscrupulous types. It wouldn't surprise me if these protesters end up doing their weekly shop in this new Tesco branch. They probably already have ClubCards themselves. What I'm essentially getting at is that there are far more important things to protest about in the city- Job cuts, tax rises, cuts to charities' training budgets, 12% of rape claims being written off by the police due to how much hassle it is to convict, (Telegraph)- in light of all of this, what is the problem with a new Tesco store opening? What possible harm is it doing?

What, would you prefer an ASDA to make it a little cheaper?


M.J. Nicholls said...

Problem is Tesco are taking over the planet and they sell floppy fishcakes with breadcrumbs hanging off the fish and soggy chips with no potato inside and they force their employees to say "have a nice day" and such things or they get fired and they love slave labour. Apart from that, no problem at all.

Also, please turn word verification off, it's so boring I could scream.

CageFightingBlogger said...

Their donuts are dangerously addictive, though. Never tried the fishcakes. Fresh liver from the counter is always a winner! I have word verification on because if I don't, the whole of China will bombard me with links to their weird sex sites. Pornhub suffices for that!

Mark Nicholls said...

Oh yes you mentioned that before. Allllll riiiiight then. Their chocolate mousses are also nice. And pizzas. And orange squash. OK, I love them.