Friday, 30 April 2010

Superb Letter from Esquire

I've just been rooting through my Hotmail account and found something that I think could be blogworthy. In December 2008 I polished up a piece of creative nonfiction that I had written and sent it to a few lifestyle magazines. I emailed “Access Denied”, a tale of being booted out of a girl's house by her mum, to Dan Davies of Esquire UK.

Here's the story:

I was really pleased to even get a response. Here it is:

I really like it and wouldn't think you will be an amateur for much longer. I am not sure how or whether it could work in Esquire but I will show it to the editor and features director and get back to you. Thanks for the submission in the meantime.
Best wishes

Dan Davies
Deputy Editor

Obviously you're having to take my word for it that this is real, unless you fancy coming 'round and looking at my hotmail. Much respect to Dan Davies and his team at the awesome Esquire magazine.

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