Saturday, 20 November 2010

Published: Afterwards

For the purpose of promotion I will show you who
Is causing a commotion up at Oldham Zoo
You won’t find a creature who’s a massiver colossus
Thank my old friend Peter, who’s a rapping hippopotamus
He’s dozing in his quarters, mostly underwater
With the novel The Informers open in the corner
Halfway down the corridor, walking in approach:
Peter’s only confidant, the awesome Fluffy Oakes.
Fluffy’s made a promise to the big aquatic mammal
To bring fantastic literature, flash fiction or a drabble
He walks into the room and says, “Check out what I’ve got for ya,
An E-magazine called Every Night Erotica
The magazine is free, there’s no need to start a hedge fund,
This story’s by Matt Tuckey, and he's a fucking legend!
It’s a decent publication and I know that you’ll be hot for this,
But in case of provocation I must tell you that it’s not for kids."

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