Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sonofabitch has dug in like an Alabama tick.

Courtesy Renel_Timothy, Flickr

A few weeks ago I saw Predator at the Odeon as part of the Flashback season.  I've seen it a gazillion times before, but this time, something was missing. The end sequence features a gloriously cheesy cast montage. An exact upload isn't on Youtube, but it looks a bit like this.

Notice here the text including character and actor names. Also notice inexplicable focussing problems that aren't evident on the DVD.

On the vintage 1987 print I watched at the Odeon- which was VERY grainy- the text was missing from this scene. Was this information added for the subsequent video release?

Still- an incredible slice of 80's SF action.

You also haven't lived unless you've experienced these awesome reedits:

Predator The Musical

I never noticed this dance-off on the Predator 2 extras disc, but apparently it's there...

And here's how to make the Predator noise, according to a guy who could actually have voiced the original Predator...

Aaaand... an investigation into the phallic undercurrent of the movie.  

There are a few videos that Fox must have had taken down for copyright reasons. It's a shame as they were some of the funniest, especially the “Mack on crack” video. Stay tuned for these as videos do reemerge, especially when they're popular.

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