Sunday, 29 September 2013

Three Strikes: Week 44

Suffering with serious post-Ibiza blues this week, not to mention a suspicious cough. I'm still working on the holiday blog post(s).

I finished reading Kill Your Friends, by John Niven. A hilarious satire on Britain's music industry, the novel tells of Steven Stelfox's bloodthirsty attempts to rise to the power in the A+R department of an unnamed and secretly struggling record label. It's been noted by many critics that there are a good number of parallels to Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, but there are plenty of differences and twists in the tale to keep Ellis fans surprised. The writing style is very similar, though.

Ibiza has beaten me senseless. It was an incredible holiday, but I've been so tired since- streaming eyes, a chesty cough, lack of concentration- but NEXT WEEK I will straighten myself out. I jumped straight back in at the gym, struggling through a few classes, dawdling through a few gym sessions, not being able to get anywhere close to my PBs. But I'm on the cough medicine (literally, no metaphor) and I've got a fridge full of fruit.

Stay tuned for some Ibiza blog posts...

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