Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I dropped into Carluccios Italian restaurant in Manchester’s glassy, modern Spinningfields shopping area on Monday. I went with my parents after Strada mysteriously moved to Wilmslow on the outskirts of the city and we couldn’t use the vouchers we’d got for said restaurant. When I walked in through Carluccios’ large glass doors the carpet jammed the door open and the staff made no attempt to shut the door after me, meaning the restaurant was freezing most of the time I was there.

Eventually my mum got up and shut the door herself, only for someone else to come in and jam it open again. We ordered food. The service was quick but the food wasn’t fantastic. The soup was cold, the hot chocolate wasn’t more than lukewarm (a trait many establishments are guilty of, but that isn’t an excuse), but the eggs benedict I ordered was great. No complaints there.

On the whole, though, the restaurant has some work to do.

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