Monday, 2 June 2014

All My Friends are Settling... But I'm Not Complaining‏

I have a group of friends in Oldham and two groups of friends in Manchester, and I juggle to stay in touch with all of them. Most contact is through Facebook, as there are a number of factors that can- and usually do- get in the way of seeing them in person: money, children, work, distance, nightlife tastes, fallouts, mortgages, planned weddings… the list goes on. Hence, frequently I’m stuck in.

At one point this would piss me off. I’ve spent most of my life being broke as shit, watching everyone else succeed around me. Now I’ve got a little bit left over after bills, and everyone else is broke.

But this isn’t such a bad thing. My ambition is to get known as a writer, to succeed in writing somehow, as a blogger / journalist / author / poet. The plan is blurry, but I can’t forget forget that in favour of going out at every possible moment. I have unfinished projects that need polishing off and sending out to magazines. So, whilst everyone else is watching box sets of Homeland or bumming off Breaking Bad with their once-outgoing partner, I’m emailing editors of American publications. I’m getting my work read. I’m experimenting with social media to see if there are undiscovered methods of using sites like Facebook and Twitter to actually help people. (The results of these experiments can be found among these posts, and are among my most-read.) I’m boxing every week and I’m smashing the gym. Yes, I’d like to be seeing my mates more, but we aren’t kids any more. I’ll see them when they're ready, if I’m free to.

And yeah, I’d like a proper girlfriend, but maybe I’m seeing someone anyway… It’s amazing what happens when you ask to get your picture taken with someone. And besides- no drama.

The point I’m making is- why complain? What does that achieve? There is an opportunity in every problem, and I’m grasping that opportunity and getting a move on with writing. When you find you can’t do one thing you were planning on, think, what can I do? What does this give me a chance to do?

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