Saturday, 12 July 2014

Repping Out

I think it's safe to say that no matter what a man does to work out, if he's got a 36-inch chest he's never going to turn into a unit of epic proportions, is he?

I've always had a slim build, and throughout my adult life I've been in great physical shape and shit physical shape. It's usually come down to diet, but it's also been down to padwork- Muay Thai and boxing. I'm boxing at the moment but- now age is catching up with me- I'm not finding it as easy as I used to to tone up. So after years of smashing the weights and trying to lift 10 reps of the heaviest weight I can, I'm going to spend the next month repping out.

This will include:

10-minute cross trainer
Bicep chin-ups
Wide grip chin-ups

I have a PB on each of these- I'll see how much I can add to them in the course of the next month. Hopefully, I'll tone up better than I have been doing.

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