Sunday, 18 January 2015

The first thing I ever had published...

...was this pair of wedding write-ups in the Oldham Evening Chronicle.

The first two weeks of 5th form were, for all pupils in my school, spent on a work experience placement. I made a point of making sure my placement was at the local newspaper, writing in during term time the year before. The placement was confirmed and I started to shadow people in the office. The first week I spent in design, the second week in journalism. It was with this team I was taught how to turn an information form into an article.

Newly-married couples wanting to appear in the paper would fill in a sheet featuring names of the bride, the groom and the church, the style of dress, the date of the wedding and other details. The editor would give me the sheets and an example of the wedding write-ups, and it was my job, at 15 years 1 month, to put the text into article form. These went out into the Oldham Evening Chronicle the same night. I managed to hang onto a few from 12th September 1997.

The #tbt hashtag on Facebook prompted me to put this up. Get involved with Throwback Thursday and see what old pictures you can find in your cupboards and drawers!

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