Monday, 19 December 2016

I've finished for Christmas!

I'm on leave from now until the 4th. I've been out on Mad Friday and on Saturday, looking for stories for the blog, seeing mates and having a few sober drinks. I didn't see that much happening, to be honest, but true to form the Manchester Evening News got to the right place at the right time. They didn't find much either, other than people staggering around with no shoes on. A man was stabbed with a broken bottle on Princess St (video here), which is possibly the low-point of Mad Friday this year.

Meetup is a little quiet this week. A lot of the people who populate the site are people who've moved here from other parts of the UK- or the world- and have gone home for Christmas, so there aren't that many events listed. Added to this, the students are going home for a couple of weeks so many of the midweek nights aren't going to be busy. But keep your eye on Manchester Cool Bars and also Socialising in the City which will have events in the near future.

One event to catch my eye is the Miss Swimsuit UK competition in Leeds on Thursday. The last one in Manchester was superb. I haven't put up a meetup as it's too far, but if I can't convince anyone locally I might lone-wolf it to Oracle nightclub. I met loads of celebrities including some gorgeous girls, plus non famous stunners- one of which, a scouse milf, I pulled. So who knows.

More to come. January will be dead, so I'm piling in as many parties as possible in the meantime. Get involved with them!

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