Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Published: Plumber Night

There are certain words and definitions that you won't find in the Oxford English, or on http://www.dictionary.com . Words and phrases that only a few people know in tiny pockets of contemporary society...

The few that do, however, probably use the Urban Dictionary.


Your first port of call for definitions of slang. If I said I was going to murk your man, be afraid. You might have to look up “murk” on the Urban Dictionary first, though, to realise why. If you want to know why your “junk” is the same as your “crown jewels”, use this site to get it clear.

I recently submitted the phrase “Plumber Night”, which I'm sure I saw used in a lads' mag like Loaded or something. It was a few years back.

The site admins accepted it! Hurrah! Check it out on the site. Before you follow the link, can you guess what it means? It's a bit rude! **Sniggers childishly**


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