Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kermode Vs. Predators

I don't do moderation.”
- Mark Kermode, Film Critic

Busy busy busy. Travelling on the bus to various places has allowed for a lot of reading.

Mark Kermode’s autobiography, It’s Only a Movie, was funny and entertaining. The BBC film critic’s account of his crazy escapades in the film industry is addictive, albeit very nerdy. Loved that it gave Manchester’s media scene some exposure to UK readers. Read how I met Kermode here:

Predators. The movie. Could have been awesome. Was not. In this instalment, the predators pick the most dangerous fighters from around the world (American Special Forces guy, Mogadishu warlord, South American freedom fighter etc. Strangely, they all speak English). The predators abduct them and drop them on an alien planet to see how they fare as they stealthily hunt the humans down. Could have been great, but was merely silly. Needed to be rated 18, not 15. Did producers not learn from AVP? You can’t make a movie like this without a shitload of gory violence! Awful script. Like in AVP Requiem, it’s saturated with nods to the previous Predator movies which is entertaining at first but eventually becomes irritating . Strange ending. The thing that disappointed me about this was that this story had the most potential out of all the Predator movies. When you set SF on a distant planet, you can create a totally original world with its own rules and opportunities. This opportunity was drastically overlooked in Predators.

That is all.

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