Monday, 10 September 2012

Brighton Pride 2012

Brighton has a thriving and diverse gay scene which ranges from leather bars, to country and western line dancing, to techno clubs. Brighton has long been known as the number one gay seaside resort in the south of England.

You know it's going to be a crazy weekend when you find an almanac of “The dark, bloody and perversely erotic world of the Satanic Sluts- Satan's true sirens” before you've even got off the coach at your destination.

If you were travelling from London to Brighton on the 1st of September... sorry, but I've got your £20 book.

This was attached to a lamppost on the way into the town:

The festival was in full swing by the time we arrived at our friends' house.

Apparently, someone once tried to sleep in one of these bins after a night out, and was subsequently crushed to death by the bin's mechanisms. Hence the warning.

House music fans should check out Neighbourhood bar. Awesome vibes aplenty.

At last year's event, I stumbled across Pete Burns in this very bar. No celeb-spotting this year, I'm afraid.

As is customary, I fell asleep on the coach back and my mates abused me again. Sob!

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