Friday, 2 November 2012

And That... the end of the Science Fiction haikus. I hope you found them vaguely interesting at best. I split them up between the other posts as not to alienate my audience (basically people I had coerced into reading my blog through bizarre Twitter tactics). (Twactics?)

I had tried to get the haikus published in Science Fiction magazines but I hadn't made it clear to people (editors and feedback group participants) what I was trying to do with them. 2247-2263 was an anthology of unrelated haikus, set in the future, with each verse titled by the year in which the haiku's story takes place. It was not a sessional haiku poem, and each three-line verse was not to relate particularly to the others.

The main two principles of haiku poetry:

  1. The poem is three lines long. The first line has 5 syllables, the second 7, the third 5.
  2. The poem captures a brief moment, shows us a time in a place and leaves us with a 'feeling' of that moment.

Whether I achieved the latter with the range I've uploaded over the last couple of months is open to opinion, but I hope you at least found it a curious trend. And now back to banal celebrity gossip and weird social media tactics. Hurrah!

Pic courtesy Frank Kehren, Flickr

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