Saturday, 24 November 2012

Three Strikes and You're Out

A confession: I can’t just “go to the gym”. I don’t exactly have a set routine and I jump between different machines a lot. I’m always trying to beat personal bests or work to a deadline to improve my body in some way.

Since I finished the abs project earlier this month and then followed this with Reading on a Step Machine, I’ve been in need of something I can work on- or work through- whilst at the gym. That’s why I came up with the Three Strikes project.

I’ve recorded my personal bests on around 50 movements at the gym. I’ve been keeping these records for years. Some I’ve beaten recently, some have been standing for a long time.

What I’ve found with gym work is that my progress when working out reflects the progress in the rest of my life, whether it be in my career, home life, social circles or in my writing. When I hit a stumbling block in life- a family problem, or an occasional dispute with friends- my fitness hits a plateau.

Things right now are pretty good- I’m in touch with old friends, I’m doing better with women and my outlook is pretty bright. But I'm stuck in a rut at the gym. So now is the time to smash a few records, and along side this, get some writing published, possibly get a woman on the scene and- deep breath- go back into education.

So- each time I can't lift a certain weight or beat a certain length inside ten minutes, I'll mark it as a strike. I'll try it again in my next session. If I get three strikes in a row, I'll drop that movement and focus on others.

This blog will now have weekly gym-based updates (which I'm sure will make fucking GREAT reading) alongside every other noteable personal achievement.

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