Sunday, 28 July 2013

Three Strikes: Week 35

Went out for my birthday last night. Great night with the gang, although a) the heavens opened for the second year on the trot, soaking us all, b) taxi companies let my mates down and c) they couldn't get into Spinningfields Alchemist as it was full by the time they got there. So we dived in a taxi and hit Deansgate.

The rain didn't scare anyone off- the queues for taxis were long and the Deansgate bars were busy too.

Alchemist played good deep house and was populated by fine women, on the whole. No complaints. The Moon Under the Water is the same as it always has been- a chilled-out chain pub, good for a catchup and starting point for a night out. After this we hit Portland Street's Orchid Lounge karaoke bar, thus getting drenched further, and on arrival the DJ didn't just not let us sing, he didn't even acknowledge me- too busy “working” on his decks. The glowing flourescent poof seats that change colours every few minutes are worth going for alone, though. I turned down a line of cocaine from some chav in the gents' room.

Gym: 1hr cross trainer up 0.13km on the previous record. Feeling very strong with this.

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CageFightingBlogger said...

Correction; it was Vina Karaoke on Charlotte Street, not Orchid Lounge. Need to take pics of the outside of bars to jog me and prevent guesswork...