Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Political Death-Match

 At Writer's Connect, we started to introduce homework projects to spur creativity. I suggested we try out a drabble, an exactly 100-word story.

I used a Gawker article for inspiration.

Dressed flamboyant in Grass-turf textured blazer and flowery blue tiara, Johnny Weir grimaces as he saunters up the steps into the octagon. Across from referee Herb: a worried Vladimir Putin. The bell sounds. Herb jumps back; Putin ices over. He steps forward, fists high.

“Weir is confident,” the commentator says. “He's researched this.”

Weir pounces like a rabid dog, his leather trousers providing grip to Putin's sturdy frame, forcing the grassy jacket into his face. Putin wheezes, knees buckling, and Herb separates them, pushing the inhaler into Putin's mouth. Pink confetti rains over Johnny, and over Russia.

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