Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pea, Ham and Mint Soup

Try not to get too excited by that title. I used my soup maker again, using another recipe from the device's recipe leaflet. My measuring jug wasn't big enough. Ironically, my kitchen isn't big enough for MORE cooking utensils. I ended up pouring the mixed liquid into a giant cooking pot I've had for 2 years and not used.

I forgot that I'd already got a pot of mint, so I've got 2 of those in the drawer now. The recipe actually asked for fresh mint leaves, but I knew better than to buy a packet of fresh. I'd only end up using about a quarter of it and forgetting of its existence, eventually binning the rest when I find it months later rotting at the back of my fridge.

I should also have bought chunkier ham, rather than the wafer-thin sandwich variety. It came out very watery, bitty, pungent and not very filling. And I still have another bowlful to drink / eat for lunch tomorrow. Oh well.

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