Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Anti-Tesco Reduced Isle Challenge Review

I've just realised I should have written this post two weeks ago- on 7th March I uploaded this post describing how I wanted to keep away from the reduced isle in Tesco in a bid to eat better and stop being a cheapskate.

Well, I certainly cut down from buying from that particular shelf. I've made a point of eating fresher food, and more veg, and it seems to be doing me well. I've crashed back into it when I've seen a deal here and there- like tonic water or something- but I've not bought any reduced pizzas or microwave meals. And I feel better for it.

Then the project deadline passed and I completely forgot to write it up. Let's see how it affected me in the gym. What improvements were made during that month-long period?

I'm lifting 15 plates on cable crunch, and doing as many reps as possible. I've put on 10 more reps on when performing this with a metal handle, and 10 more reps with the rope handle. That's it. Not an amazing improvement, it may seem, but I'm spending more time doing boxing and gym classes, and working out at home, rather than using the actual resistance machines in the gym. My weight has gone back down to around 73kg, which isn't great but is 4kg less than what I ballooned up to. I'm sleeping a little better, which is forever a problem overall, and I'm feeling more energetic.

I've made further improvements since the 7th April, both in the gym and other areas of life, but that's for another post...

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