Monday, 6 June 2016

Bijou refurbs AGAIN

'It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.'
-Oscar Wilde, novelist, poet and playwright

Manchester celeb club Bijou closed last summer for a refurb, and opened Saturday 4th July '15- I know because I went to it. I enjoyed what I saw of it, but I was tied down at the time as I'd pulled before I got there and had brought her with me. That and I was STEAMING. We didn't stay long for reasons I won't go into. Well, guess what- Bijou closed again on 29th May for ANOTHER refurbishment. Where do these places get the MONEY?! Maybe it's from the £10 drinks they sell and the endless supply of people prepared to buy them.

25th June is the date set for their reopening- I can't make that one, as much as I'd like to. Keep your eye on Cool Bars, as I'll probably put up a meetup to one of their nights in the next few months.

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