Friday, 3 June 2016

Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia

My memory is worse than usual at the moment. Here's something I wrote in March and forgot to upload.

I booked off last week so that I could do a few weekday nights out. Tuesday night is Taboo in Tiger Tiger, their weekly student night out. I put up a Meetup event in advance so people could get the time off, and a surprising amount of people came out for it. We started in Hard Rock Cafe in the Printworks, which I hadn't visited in YEARS.

The bar is an incredible homage to the music industry. Almost a museum with a menu, the bar's walls are adorned with vintage music memorabilia. You can take a walk around and gaze at the guitars used by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, or the outfits worn by The Beatles, or the memos and posters created preparing for Cliff Richard concerts. More wandering reveals treasure troves from The Animals, The Doors and Queen.

Get there early to avoid disappointment- I say it's a bar, but it's really a daytime cafe with an alcohol license- Hard Rock's midweek last orders are at 22:15. Good starting place for nights out.

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