Friday, 7 May 2010

Broken Scene in the Student Village

It's 2002.

I've made it back to the student halls, hungover, after a painful lecture. I want to go to bed. Right now. I got past the first door when someone opened it for me, but now I've got to swipe my pass at the second door- and the pass is in my pocket which is stuffed with keys and money and other crap weighing me down.

There's a growing queue of students behind me, waiting. I could let them swipe me through, but just to prove that I actually live here, I have to find this damned pass.

There are no guys in the queue at the moment, just girls, and they're pretty good-looking.

This is my chance to make a good first impression, I think.

I'm digging into the pocket forcefully, prising out my wallet like I'm a dentist extracting a tooth. It loosens slowly and breaks free, and my hand jerks up, still grasping the wallet. Unfortunately, the luminous yellow condom I'm carrying flies out with it, sailing past the eye-line of about eight hot women. It lands on the black tiled floor before us all. The girls look at the contraceptive- then back at me. They smirk collectively. The girl at the front shakes her head, swiping herself through.

I still just want to go to bed.

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