Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Sculpture

A writing exercise: you have two minutes to write about a picture that I'm about to show you from my mobile phone. Are you ready?... Go.

The picture is of a sculpture of some kind- perhaps made of material that has been sewn together. I guess I could 'fabricate' a story out of it. Ho ho.

I suspect the sculptor may have sabotaged some outdated trousers to make the man-shaped figure- the material is adourned with diagonal lines, a chord-like surface that reverses direction on each adjacent body part.

He even has a walking stick, I think, as if he's hobbled himself into what I assume is the art gallery, and posed, still, for the array of tourists to gaze at him and contemplate, like I'm doing now.

All he needs is a little sewn-up dog on a lead, maybe a collie or something smaller. If the artist wanted to go all-out, he could even make the dog out of dog-hair. Art reflecting life, or whatever it is they say.

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