Thursday, 20 May 2010


Here's a poem / writing exercise from a recent writer's group. The poem was to be written on the theme of “obsession”. The stanzas were to have a series of end-words- we were to rhyme them. They were:





In the timed exercise, here's what I came up with.

Wild Turkey Bourbon the name of my vice,
I drink it straight, no need for ice.
No mixer either, that would be bad,
neither coke nor lemonade must you add.

Diluting will only make you drink faster,
at Fifty percent, that would just spell disaster.
It commands respect, and this isn't a race,
so get drunk responsibly at a sensible pace.

You've worked all week, now time for play,
So pour out a shot, let it take you away.
Soon the logic will evacuate brain
til only ridiculous drunkenness remains.

The bottle and glass all you need to bring
and paper towels, in case of spilling.
Your mind the only thing you're likely to lose,
I need one more line- where is my muse?

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