Monday, 10 January 2011

Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions.

“This Year, Give Up Giving Up.”
-Very old Benson and Hedges advert.

I realise I should have been telling you this in December, but better late than never. You’ve probably already made- and broken- your resolutions by now. I haven’t, and I never will. Here’s why.

I am a man with a lot of problems, and I make a lot of mistakes. I forget things. I don’t make enough money. I fuck up with women on a monumental, devastating scale. I’m not as ripped as I’d like to be. I’m not as confident either. I’ve got my own flat, but I’m still decorating it, and have been doing for MONTHS. I have no power of persuasion, hence a) nobody helping me decorate and b) I’m single. I’m not a great chef. I’m trying to get a reputation through blogging, short stories and poems. Not many people have heard of me. Yet. I struggle to sleep (possibly due to all of the above.)

Any or all of these things I could use as inspiration for my new-years resolutions. But I won’t, for the simple reason that I’m already working on it- and always have been.

I haven’t made new years resolutions for years, because there hasn’t been a time when I’ve not been looking at myself and thinking of ways to improve. It’s a bit late now, with it being January and all, but try NOT making resolutions this year, and instead, every day, look at your life and think- is there a better way of doing this? What am I putting off? Should I start rearranging my time to fit more exercise in? Do I need to ditch my other half? Do I need to learn a new skill?

Maybe you’ve found this blog the day after I’ve uploaded it. Maybe an obscure Google search has brought you to this page years later. (After checking my blogger stats, I can tell you these things happen.) However long it’s taken you to find this, why not start making these little changes right now? Why not keep that mentality of, how can I sharpen myself today?

What are you working on that there’s actually no point making a resolution about? Comment below!

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