Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Race

Everything popular is wrong.

-Oscar Wilde.

I must be doing something right at the moment as my blog stats are rising. I don't mean to brag (or maybe I do), but I pulled in 3000 hits last month. Well, go me.

Another blog making waves is Skeletor's Armpit. This site is rounding people up and drawing them all in like it's the beginning of Planet of the Apes.

Okay, maybe not as violently as that. But, not dissimilar to Charlton Heston's situation, the scenarios depicted on this blog will leave you dumbstruck. They are bizarre, silly, graphic yet somehow highbrow. Overall, it's a very funny blog.

The author of Skeletor's Armpit- DesmondPot- who admits he “doesn't hold on to thoughts too long”, hence the blog- has challenged me to a race. Our blogs are both around the 13,000 mark in terms of individual blog views. We're racing to 15,000.

So, why not click on my blog? Oh, you did. Hence reading this. Could you just click the title again, please?

Worth a try. I'd insert a winking smiley here if I were any younger.

At the bottom of this post there's a range of icon buttons- why not click them and see what happens? I'm only kidding. I know you know. But go on.

I'm planning to post a screen dump of my stats to prove that I've won/lost: Anyone know how to do this? Comment if you can help. Feel free to rummage around Power is a State of Mind!

1 comment:

Gordon Bennet said...

The race is indeed ON. I am on 13,775 as I write this comment. You were on 13,769 (which means before you lured me in you were one less (you bastard)).

My brain has dried up somewhat this week. You're on fire and posting left, right and centre. I've done nothing!

I may have to follow your lead and do something a bit sexy to get some of that pervert traffic. My favourite traffic.

It's neck and neck.