Friday, 25 November 2011

Conversation with Insane European Woman on Facebook

Pic courtesy dmix06, Flickr

The following is too funny for me not to share with you. A woman from Europe asked me for some blogging advice a few days ago. I gave her what pointers I could, and gave her a link to my blog- largely just to get another page view. A few days later, she sent me an add request. I added her because, at that point, I recognised her. A week or so later, I had typically forgotten why I'd added her. Her updates were appearing in my news feed, in Greek typeface. I was confused, and took the risk of expressing this bemusement in a status update. She read this update and, understandably, threw in her own two pennies. Here's a transcript of my Facebook status and comments. Surnames have been removed. It's raw and only a little edited so please excuse the Facebook grammar.
Inbox msg from Greek lady: "fucking son of bitch, it's you who sent me a friend request. Just for this reason i hate all English - all of u consider urselves a big piece of shit!" Okaaaaay.
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      Sal: Hahaa! Do you know her??
      20 November at 21:07

      Matt: nope! I did put a status about her that you commented on a few days ago tho :)
      20 November at 21:08

      Sal: What was that then? And why are you randomly sending friend requests out? Don't you know that us women despise that? :-/ x
      20 November at 21:11

      Matt: She sent it the request to me! She claims its the other way around though. Why would I send an add to a woman from Azerbijan who had the poster or Amilie as a profile pic? x
      20 November at 21:12

      Matt: I put the status up on the 16th, scroll down x
      20 November at 21:14

      Sal: Hahahaha you're hilarious..only you tuckey! X
      20 November at 21:15 · Unlike · 1

      Sal: I've just looked and there isn't any comments x
      20 November at 21:18

      Matt: Errrrr... if women hate random adds, how come so many have accepted mine? :p only kidding. Actually, no I'm not.
      20 November at 21:18

      Sal: Coz they must be just as random ha! X
      20 November at 21:19

      Matt: There is! Rob liked it. 16th Nov.
      20 November at 21:24

      Sal: Yeah i know but there's no comment from me! X
      20 November at 21:28

      Matt: Oh you commented on an older post when some albanian woman added me a few months ago. And yes, SHE sent the req to ME. x
      20 November at 21:31

      Sal: Hahaha x
      20 November at 21:35

      Becks: what the crocodile HAT is THAT all about some people are lunatics lol xx
      20 November at 21:37

      Kirstie: Haha, Tuckey you clearly have a magnet that attracts strange mental individuals - look at me sal n Becks haaa x
      20 November at 22:03 · Like · 1

      Matt: On the subject of which, here's something I wrote a couple of years ago. Beware the dating website!
      20 November at 22:10

      Becks: Ha ha, I like to call myself special, we are lunatics but good ones lol xx
      20 November at 22:12

      Kirstie: The best lunatics there is! Bueno estente! Xx
      20 November at 22:13 · Like · 1

      Sal: Haha :-) x
      20 November at 22:43 · Like · 1

      Becks: ha ha for defo bueno es es es estente :-) xx
      20 November at 22:49 · Like · 1

      Insane European Woman: haha :D that was me - and as u can see i'm not greek but a jew ;) stupid matt :D
      Monday at 00:23

      Insane European Woman: u promised to help me with my blog, but didn't keep ur word - so u deserved those words
      As for the hometown or current city/country- oh, plr never pay special attention to that- yerterday i was from korea, today i'm from azirbijan, tomorrow i'll be from ireland :p
      Cheerios :D
      Monday at 00:29

      Matt: Well, this is very strange. First off, Greek is a nationality. Judaism is a religion. The two are not comparable. Second, I remember offering to help you, but a simple inbox message reminding me would have set the ball rolling. I'd have been very willing to help out. I may actually have responded to that message, but I can't remember. Like most "Big English pieces of shit" we live very busy lives. Not to mention- I have a memory disability, which doesn't make thing easier. Going ballistic at someone over a misunderstanding aint gonna help. Also, changing your profile every day on Facebook doesn't make you very trustworthy. Hackers and fraudsters tend to do that kind of thing. I wish you all the best with your blog. (Oh, and keep your eye on - you might recognise one of the stories I'm about to put up.)
      Monday at 06:50 · Like · 2

      Sal: Block her matt! Complete utter weirdo!
      Monday at 07:53 · Like · 1

      Insane European Woman: thank u :)
      Monday at 10:43

      Insane European Woman: i'm a jew who wrote her name in greek alphabet. But what made me angry is that people like u determine ur relation to tthe persons around after seeing a person's hometown or country. If i'm from azirbijan, korea, indonesia, then i'm a low-grade. But if i'm from USA, ur attitude at once changes
      I'll also write about such people in my blog
      Monday at 11:05

      Matt: Insane European Woman- in England we have a phrase "the kettle calling the pot black". This means that someone is accusing someone else of doing something that they themselves are already doing. I mentioned your nationality on my status because you live thousands of miles away. THAT's why I said I wish my luck changed. I have nothing against the country you're from, yet you have already called me an "English piece of shit" and a "son of a bitch". Do you see what I'm getting at?
      Monday at 12:47 · Like · 2

      Sal: She's a t**t! She should be taken off x
      Monday at 12:49 · Like · 1

      Gin: Ahahaha this is hilarious! x
      Monday at 12:56 · Unlike · 2

      Becks: This is funny, don't know why people bothering arguing, our group of friends are people who originate from all over the world, Matt isn't racist, so you need to get on Ebay get a life love and stop talking rubbish on people's profiles xx
      Monday at 13:04 · Unlike · 2

      Insane European Woman: Ok let it be so.but you ARE STUPID ENOUGH to laugh at my Amelie prof pic. My advice - never again boast with your fucking blog & bullshit blog posts.u'd better work on ur mind&attitude towards others.
      Tuesday at 02:50

      Matt: Insane European Woman- I can't tell whether you're trying to make a serious point or whether you're just spamming the shit out of my Facebook. Oh, I am a moron, without a doubt. But I'm not arguing with someone on their Facebook page, where they have the support of all their friends ready to add comments. You are. Oh, and my "bullshit blog" has 38,000 hits and has been read and shared by some fairly recognisable names in Hollywood. You know where this is going.
      Tuesday at 07:08 · Like · 2
So yeah, quite a day. She blocked me eventually. Why people come to me with this shit I have no idea, but one thing is for certain- there is truly no point starting an argument over Facebook- especially if you can't physically lay a hand on them later on, due to distance. But I'm not going to get all preachy on you. If you want to read an article on social media etiquette, there's plenty of blogs out there for that. This is just another example of how stupid, weird and crazy situations tend to find me without me even looking. But having said that, if you go mental at someone over the internet- someone you know to be a blogger- what do you think is going to happen?

PS While we're on the subject, ladies, I have a Facebook-related question to ask you. Men sending random friend requests to women: good move or bad move? I accepted a random add and got a relationship out of it, so I know where I stand.


melissa said...

Holy dick she sounds like she was having a rough go. Seems like she was thinking like a typical woman and just expected you to remember something you simply forgot. Super entertaining for me. so thanks for being forgetful!

I think a random friend request is fine. Being that I am married it would be unclassy of me now but when I was single I would.

Tomleecee said...

just delete your profile mate. My life has improved immeasurably since I did in Feb.

CageFightingBlogger said...

Melissa- I agree. Oh, and your husband is a very lucky man.

Tom- no can do I'm afraid. It's how I keep in touch with friends, plan nights out and even find girlfriends. It's also where I get a lot of blog traffic from. I use it less and less all the time, but inbox msgs are really handy.