Thursday, 17 November 2011

How Long is Your Blogroll?

Below and to the right, you'll find around 50 links to superb blogs listed in two columns- one for Manchester-based blogs and one for blogs being pushed out of any other corner of the world. If you're a blogger and you want your site on the list, get in touch on the comments and I'll have a butcher's at your blog. If it's my kinda thing, on you go.

If you have a blog, get yourself one or more blogrolls like the ones I have. Show you contribute to the blogosphere as a networker, not just a writer hammering out his own work into the vortex. Get involved.

I update Power is a State of Mind as regularly as possible- a couple of times a week usually. Through a lot of hard graft, frequent uploading, self-promotion and commenting, I've managed to amass a decent amount of hits recently. (My page views were on four figures at the start of this year.) Due to the traffic I'm getting, you'll be getting some too if you're linked here. Aren't you lucky?! Well, stay lucky. Keep uploading. Even if it's just a short update or round-up of events in your sector. Regular uploads = stats. I'm not the first to say this, but the reason I am saying this: PIASOM moves quick. Every link on the blogroll is under a month old. When it goes over a month, I knock it off. If that link is your blog, that's one less inroad for page views to your site. Not to be a cock, but I'd amassed 10,000 page views in March. I've now got 37,000. I've done this by commenting, Facebooking and tweeting like a mo-fo every day in order to publicise my posts. I've also done a little reading into Search Engine Optimisation and I try to tailor my writing to benefit from Google. This has also brought in a lot of stats.

The point I'm trying to make, in a sort-of 'round-the-houses kinda way, is that I want my blog to be “happening” and “relevant” and other cool words such as these. If I have month-old links to neglected blogs next to my writing, “Happening” might not be considered relevant to that section of the screen. Now, your blog is your blog. Do what you like with it and update it when YOU want. But if you don't upload within the month, goodbye my friend. You're off the Power blogroll. But blog little and often, and promote your posts, and you will get traffic. Possibly, in part, from me.

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