Sunday, 19 August 2012

Beyonce Knowles-Inspired Writing Exercise

This week's writing prompt was a ring that looked a little like this: 

Pic courtesy pdsthal, Flickr

When you write a poem, try not to make it poncey
For some reason right now, I’m thinking of Beyonce
She sang about her finger, and how I should put a ring on it
And I probably would, but I’m busy writing limericks
If I did get the chance, I would keep her all for me
With a close eye on her, and keep her under lock and key
Please don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do her any harm,
But I’ve thought she was great since she sang Ring the Alarm
The woman is a beauty, like a rare porclain vase,
A face to drop jaws an a frankly awesome arse
If I was to date her I’d have to dress dapper
But it’s a shame that she’s already with a gangster rapper
All the glitz and glam would never phase me
But if only I made a paycheck as good as Jay Z.

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