Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Youtube’s Next Step.

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Youtube is the world's most popular video-based social media website, with over 800 million unique users visiting and over 3 billion hours of video being watched each month

It's become a choice destination for those seeking music videos, comedy clips and how-to guides, among a plethora of other uses.

The site has changed radically since it's early days. Get some web-based nostalgia over at The Telegraph

Youtube is now is a haven for pretty much anything you could want to watch in video form. Want to know how to boil an egg? 

Want to see some mariachis from Connecticut serenading a Beluga Whale? 

Or maybe some trampolining foxes could float your boat. 

I'll spare you the “Hippo gets explosive diarrhoea” video, but just believe me that it's on there.

Technology changes rapidly, as you've probably noticed being online reading this. What predictions can we make about Youtube's developments?

Most videos on Youtube have a comment section underneath allowing you to add your thoughts. The comments listed just below the videos will be the uploader's comments- if they have left any. Below this (or below the video if not), two comments will be listed as “top comments”. Each comment can be rated by other viewers by clicking a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon. Top comments are those which have been rated the highest out of all the comments on that video.

What I would like to know is: which of my comments were top comments? Which were my most-liked comments? Which were my least-liked? Which comments received the most responses? I'd also like a breakdown of these statistics, and similar info for the viewing figures for my own videos. I'd like this to be similar to Blogger's dashboard stats.

This kind of info would allow us to operate on Youtube with a much greater effect, meaning we are hinted as to what people want us to put up on the site.

Search terms results- what people put in the search bar on Youtube or Google- Might be interesting. Blogger's search term results definitely are, on my site at least. Here's what people have been searching for when they found my blog. Let's just say that, on the whole, they didn't find what they were looking for.

"ahh puddit in the pizza meme"
"biting finger copulate woman"
"giant african land snail laying eggs"
"cakes made into a dictionary"
"david beckham hitler haircut"
"diaries of a dead african"
"arnold schwarzenegger and the old womens"
"i melt with you nude"
"jacobin m. robespierre"
"a shit load of orangutans"
"armpits propaganda poster"
"i gave her chicken wing funny"
"animal love widescreen"
"David Prowse naked"

I'm guessing that the people who searched for these did not put their search terms in inverted commas, meaning that those phrases in the search results would appear as written is the search bar. I've written about parts of the above, but never exactly as is written.

Can you think of any improvements you'd like Youtube to install? Comment below...

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Two things. First - thank you for turning comment verification off. Second - this is the most boring post I've ever read on PIASOM.