Sunday, 27 January 2013

Three Strikes: Week 9

Pic courtesy Scott Beale, Flickr

Project Screenplay Month is well under way. 

I've rewritten the synopsis for a very convoluted feature-length film that I wrote back in 2005. It’s incredibly weird, but still has potential. It was my intention to bring it to today's Writer's Connect meeting, but- typically- my printer had no ink and I had no spare cartridges. So I've got a HP black toner on order. This was after racing all week to get it polished up in time, which wasn't easy. I wrote it so long ago that it needed desperate, radical work to make it plausible.

I've searched around for screenwriting resources.

Madlab, Manchester's Digital Laboratory on Edge Street in the Northern Quarter looked a good start. They have a lot of meetups covering a range of interests within the creative industry. Nothing fits the bill for me right now, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Manchester Screenwriter, a Tumblr page, came up as a Google result but the page was missing.

Writers Connect appeared also. I've read a few scripts out there, and in fact took a part in the reading of someone else's script today.

Next step: contact Oldham Coliseum, my local theatre, who may be happy to act out some of my short scripts. They might also be able to point the in the right direction.

Gym improvements: (21st onward)

Pulley pull-ups- pulling a bar from waist level to chin, palms facing body, with added weights: up 1 notch.

10-minute run: up 0.1.

Pulley jab: up 2 notches.

Not bad, considering I'm only training on alternate days. Boom!

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