Sunday, 6 January 2013

Three Strikes: Week 6

I have drank a LOT over Christmas. At least, by my standards I have. I've been out loads and haven't been to the gym much. But what do you expect? I practically had a week off from the gym, as well as work, and when I started back up again I felt malnourished and frail. But I still beat a couple of records.

Cross trainer: up 0.02, during a warmup. I'd already hit three stikes on it during a time when I was doing 2 10-minute cross-trains per session, but I have always kept this as my first exercise.

Squats with weights: up 1 weight.

And what have I achieved in this, the first week of 2013? Well, aside from attending a hilarious new-year party at a mate's house, not a great deal. “Saved some money”, I suppose you could say as I didn't do the whole club thing for NYE. Chilled with the family. Survived work by pretending I wasn't so hungover that I thought I was having a stroke.

But I survived.

Smokey Mountain: officially the most repugnant "whiskey" known to man. DO NOT drink it. 

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