Sunday, 30 December 2012

Three Strikes: Week 5

Guess how many times I've been to the gym this week? Go on, guess.

Yep. Not once. I'm having an awesome Christmas break though: The 25th I spent at my sister's husband's parent's place. She got married in the summer, so it was the first Christmas with them. A good day. I've had a few decent nights out with friends through the week, despite previous fallouts here and there. The best friends remain so, though, and I intend to keep it that way.

I finished Antony Burgess' Tremor of Intent, a novel so good it's sickening. Written in the 1960s, it tells of a spy sent abroad to bring back a defected colleage. There's just a couple of problems- he's utterly crap at keeping his cover and is revealed numerous times by a plethora of equally unscrupulous characters, most of whom are possibly spies themselves. Also, he has a tendency to chuck his lunch up for numerous reasons. It's brilliantly written, although I had to look up words on nearly every page. This was either because of my own apparently insufficient vocab or because these words have now fallen out of the lexicon.

While we're on the subject, check out the app on the Google Playstore. Very handy for definitions on the go. But back to the script: Tremor is well worth a read if you want to sample Burgess' NadSat-free prose. 

One thing I'm learning on this Three Strikes project is the art of spontaenity. I try to write these posts on Sundays and upload them on the same day, without “sleeping on them” first. There's always a little hesitancy within me, a feeling that I'll spot some glaring error tomorrow morning with fresh eyes- after I've uploaded it and shared it over social networks. But I'm learning that, “so what if I do?” I can still change it. I'm finding I don't actually make that many mistakes, and that there just isn't the time to worry about these things. I'm 30 and there's too much I need to do in life.

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