Thursday, 6 December 2012

What's Safe to Tell You About my Trip to Belfast

Belfast on a Budget. A friend's 30th.

As most of us now are reaching the end of our 20s, and have mortgages and bills and other expensive shit, we wanted a weekend away that didn't cost the Earth. Easyjet had a good deal on Belfast (£38 return), so we jumped on it... and each spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds in a plethora of Irish boozers.

We saved on accomodation, as you could see.

This was essentially a place to get our heads down at the end of a night out, so we ditched all morals and put our stuff down, changed, and headed out. The reviews on Google for The Linen House speak for themselves.

Traded numbers with an Annie Lennox lookalike in some club somewhere. An Annie Lennox theme emerged in Apartment Bar, the classiest of the venues we found, when the DJ dropped this awesome remix of Little Bird.

If anyone recognises the mix, please get in touch.

On the flipside, here's a Robinsons pub, in which we spent about 7 hours steadily getting pissed the next morning. A whole city of culture at our fingertips, and we sat and got smashed in a grandad boozer for pretty much a full day. It was a good catchup, mind!

Here are a few apparent souveniers I found in my belongings when I made it home.

This is a short blog because the majority of utterly classic memories I have are not the kind of things I can put on here these days. Make of that what you will. This relates not just to my experiences but to the chaotic endevours of the whole group. Also, I can't remember half the names of the clubs we went to. But seriously, if you fancy a lads' weekend away (or girls'), keep your eye on Easyjet's deals. We flew from Manchester and our flights were £38. The accomodation wasn't much more than that, as you can imagine. (I spent a few hundred on “general expenses”- mostly booze- when we were out there, mind.) The women, the nightlife and the city as a whole are all impressive.

Belfast, you ruined me.

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