Monday, 6 May 2013

Three Strikes: Week 23

Matt has been single for 2 years. His signature dance move is ‘The Hangman’. He once took part in a naked photo-shoot in Manchester city centre. Matt likes to sing Motown classics and his singing voice has been likened to that of Brian, the dog from ‘Family Guy’.”


Well, in case you haven't heard me banging on about it, I was on Sky Living's Sing Date on Tuesday. I don't have Sky, and none of you tight bastards invited me 'round to watch it, so I still haven't seen it.

No, I'm kidding. Some of you have, and I WILL get 'round to it, thanks.

I just watched it unfold on social media on the night. “Amazing” and “legend” were words being thrown around on Facebook. Sing Date themselves tweeted me, describing me as “The Lord of the Dance” after my ridiculous break-dancing moves.

Here's a selection of other tweets from the #singdate hashtag:

This sing date programme is possibly the most cringe and awkward thing I have ever seen on tv :s”

Just watched an episode of #SingDate on #SkyLiving and am now looking for a rusty spoon to gouge out my eyes” -@kashaf786

Tuckey on #singdate get you ha!! My friend thinks you have a nice smile and beautiful eyes ha!!” -@Tanya_Jenkinson

"#SingDate .... pleeeeeease tell me if anyone else has seen this. Im peeing myself with laughter”

I think bella will pick matt D he was the best singer with her and was well good looking too!” #singdate xxxx -@lucywatts

"#SingDate Not sure this guy's voice is going to last the song!!” -@RachAnders1
Ahhh this man can not sing mate. Get him off lol #singdate-@TheSugarSweet1

Please, make it stop! My ears are bleeding! #SingDate” -@BambiKerr

So, yes, a profound success all 'round, I think it's safe to say. Now all I need to do is go and see it at whoever has it stored on their Sky HD. Oh, and can anyone get me a copy?

On Saturday I hit Prohibition, which is turning into a bit of a regular haunt for me. Good house music, DJs and décor make this a treat. It comes at a price, though. Drinks aren't cheap. I got spotted! It took me a few moments to properly grasp the situation.

Girl: I know you from somewhere.
Me: No, I'm not Jim Carrey... OR Harry Kewell... I was in here a couple of weeks ago though.
Girl: Nope, none of those.
*5 minutes pass. Penny drops*
Me: Have you get Sky?
Girl: Yes...?
Me: Have you got Sky Living?
*Her eyes start to get really wide like she's just understood some profound moral truth*
Girl: Yes!
Me: Did you see Sing Date the other day?

Most of the time, when someone recognises you, it's from either seeing you face-to-face or seeing a picture of you on Facebook. Somebody recognising you from TV is a weird scenario. It's not something that's at the forefront of your mind when you're half-drunk, throwing yourself around to Parra Dice.

It's an awesome feeling, though.

Gym work: 10 min run up 2 speeds. Steady progress.


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