Sunday, 26 May 2013

Three Strikes: Week 26

Be careful, Laa-Laa. Don't step in the tubby custard.”
-The Narrator, Teletubbies

This week, things got equally messy in Manchester: I went to a stag party in Manchester The BFF (Best Female Friend, it isn't in the Urban Dictionary - yet) is getting married. I went on her fiance's stag do. We dressed him as a Teletubby.

The women loved him! Too late, girls!

It occurred to me that most of the girls out in town would have been the target age group- i.e. an infant- when Teletubbies first emerged on our screens. THAT is scary.

I made a good find this week. If you go to the gym, you need to download the PC Radio app. Internet radio on the go. The stations are categorised by genre so it's incredibly easy to find a station with just your type of music. I was blasting Digitally Imported featuring non-stop cutting-edge house music.

Listening to your favourite music can be a massive benefit to working out. Most gyms play mainstream dance music channels, so if cheesy dance and RnB isn't your thing, the gym can be extra hard work. I would recommend getting the headphones that clip onto the back of your ear, though, so they don't fall out during situps etc.

Four new records.

Seated row with vertical grip- up 1 notch.
Inverted pulley pulldown. Hold the left handle with your right hand and your right with your left. Swoop your arms down and out like you're parting a huge pair of curtains.- up 1 notch.
Abs machine. 3 extra discs, 50 reps- up 2 notches.

Now for a bank holiday Sunday trip to Venus Manchester... Will they let me in, I wonder, after the damning review I gave them after the last time I visited?  Let's find out...

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