Sunday, 8 December 2013

Chemical Brothers at The Warehouse Project

On entry to Manchester's Warehouse Project the door staff took the pen knife off my keys. It's unsurprising, although I did take the same knife into the building for Hot Creations a yearago. (Strangely, I was wearing the same jeans.)

They didn't, however, find the bottle of amyl nitrate I'd secured under my balls. Poppers- a legal high popular in the club scene- are really the only thing you can do if you're driving as once the effect of inhaling wears off, the head-rush, the floaty, chesty lift- after ten minutes or so- you're back to normal again.

Friday was Bugged Out, headlined by dance duo The Chemical Brothers. I've been a fan of the hit music producers since I was maybe 13. I think Setting Sun was the second or third single I ever bought. I shot a few videos but the lights and lasers made everything out of focus and unwatchable. Same goes for a lot of stills I took.

Here are a few videos shot by other people, who seem to have had similar problems

This video won't embed.

Brilliant music, atmosphere and company.

I got my ticket as soon as I found out about the night. The bigger the headlining act, the faster the tickets sell out, so if you're planning to visit The Warehouse Project, don't leave it 'til the last minute. The WHP season usually runs from September to the New Year. There are still some tickets available at the time of writing, including the NYE party.

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