Sunday, 22 December 2013


“A reporter is a man who has renounced everything in life but the world, the flesh and the devil.”
-David Murray, British reporter

I may not be a reporter but I'm developing a serious interest in the way information is passed from a tiny corner of the world, through the inverted funnel of the media and out into the public eye. That's what I've always wanted to do with this blog.

Whether I'm achieving that or not is questionable, but the Sunday Sport must think so: They're following me on Twitter. Here's me. Here's The Sport

If only I had their reach and prevalence. One day...

I've got 2 weeks off work over Christmas. It's like being at uni again. Only I'm not direction-less and wasting thousands of pounds and three years of my life. I'm making the most of the time seeing friends (Slug and Lettuce on Deansgate had some incredible old skool garage music last night) and family. I'm also reading as much as is practical

More to follow...

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