Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Book Month: Take 2

During last month's book month, I attempted to read as many short books as possible for the duration of December. I didn't get a great deal of books read due to the whole Christmas thing, and- whilst shopping- bought more books.

The reason I started the book month was to make space in my cupboard, the place where I store all of my unread books. So I read as many short books as I could, in size order, smallest first. I've filled that space again buying books in the January sales and, with a handful of book signings that could spring up at any minute, I'll be out of room. So it's time to bury my head in the sand again and be a massive bookworm geek. It shouldn't be too hard: January always comes hand-in-hand with nobody having any money, the bars and clubs being empty and the social calendar pretty sparse.

This time, I'll go for books that are unnecessarily large: the double-spaced autobiographies, the hardbacks, the books with thick photo-print pages interspersed arbitrarily at the 1/3rd marks.

Deadline: 14th Feb.

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