Thursday, 6 March 2014

No Computer = Huge Ballache

My computer decided to die on its arse last week, just at a time when I was taking annual leave and was planning to catch up on blogging. Things have happened. Things are happening. I'm currently using a borrowed PC CPU and attempting to catch up.

Sat 22nd February: Visited Atlas bar's Launch party  on Deansgate where Jon Fitz and Jon Besant were Djing old-school house music, and house music vocalist Abigail Bailey performed an impressive PA. 

A live sax accompaniment, a smoking terrace edging onto luxurious Castlefield and impressive interiors made this a fine one-off night. After holding the surprisingly busy one-off event, The DJs suggested that a similar night at Atlas could be on the cards for the coming weeks...

Whilst I've been offline, my blog has received an inexplicable surge of hits, particularly for this post about an animal interpreter psychologist. Bizarre. Normally, the moment you stop blogging your hits fall away to virtually nothing.

I've also whipped up a few creative writing exercises, I've gone for an educational scoot around London, I've tried a few more recipes and I'm currently using up a huge wad of annual leave.

Further details pending.

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