Sunday, 23 March 2014

Paxman, Pratchett, Popbitch

I really need to check my emails more often. 4 weeks ago celeb-based gossip E-rag Popbitch referenced some information I sent them about Jeremy Paxman, and how he recited a poem about poo at his book signing event. I got my initials at the bottom of the email. I'll get them to link to this blog one day, Goddamnit.

Also: I read a Discworld novel for the first time in about 16 years. Sir Terry Pratchett's comedy fantasy universe and book series has become somewhat of a cult in the UK and beyond, with over 80 million books sold. I read a few in my teens and I loved them, but then moved on to other material as I stumbled into adulthood. I had another bash at Pratchett recently, with a second-hand copy of The Fifth Elephant, about a police chief running from werewolves whilst trying to diffuse a potentially devastating disagreement. Think Iraq in 2003, only Saddam's forces are dwarves and oil is fat. Oh, and Dick Cheney is a Frankenstein's-monster-reanimated-type called Igor. Relentlessly inventive and surprising, the book constantly uses the fantasy genre to its advantage, turning the everyday into ridiculous, colourful scenarios.

Shame a lot of the jokes fall flat. I suspect I've just outgrown the franchise, in favour of more serious, hard-boiled stuff.

Also: happened to spot the new Bulmers ad being filmed in Castlefield on Friday night.

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