Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Repping Out Review

I decided to mix up my gym routine this month. Instead of relentlessly smashing the heaviest weights possible, I spent the last 5 weeks performing as many reps as I could, using my own body weight, to increase endurance. I focussed on 6 movements, with some improvements:

10-minute cross-trainer: no new personal bests.
Bicep chinups: 1 rep added to PB
Dips: 2 reps added to PB
Cable crunch with metal handle lifting 50Kg: 60 reps added to PB
Cable crunch with rope handle lifting 50Kg: 50 reps added to PB
Wide grip chinups: no new PBs.

I could possibly have done better was I not a chronic insomniac. Well, you can't have everything. Also, 6 movements is a very broad selection considering I was trying to hammer the same muscles to see an improvement. Next time I do a project like this, I'll not just eat healthier but try to focus on eating more protein.

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