Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to get back from Manchester to Oldham on the Cheap

My target audience is a little narrow with this post, but hey, a lot of my hits come from Facebook and from people who are local to me, i.e. Oldham. Manchester is 8 miles away from the centre of Oldham, so on a Saturday night with the wrong taxi firm you could be paying over £30 to get home. No need.

I've asked around and I've found a winner. Cartax Radio Cars, based in Lees, east of Oldham and hence a little further out from the city, will pick you up from the Northern Quarter and take you home to Oldham for a very reasonable £20. Compare this to Uber and you'll be paying an extra £10 if the Saturday night surcharge is applied.

Unless anyone has any better suggestions?

Also, what about other towns around Manchester? What are your recommendations for taxi firms to take you back to, say, Stockport? Or Bolton?

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