Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mad Friday Weekend

Mad Friday: the last Friday before Christmas is notorious for huge numbers of revelers, large amounts of alcohol consumed and usually a spot of violence. My Christmas leave certainly started with the first two.

I joined folks from Manchester Social Group for my night out. Started with a few drinks in Albert's Schloss. Immense queues to both get in and get served. The bar reached capacity early on in the evening. There was a bloke in there who looked like the guy off Eraserhead. It turned out he was a big-time David Lynch fan and his outrageous hairstyle was a conscious nod to the movie.

We moved on to local celeb hangout LIV for Bamboo, their Friday event. It took a while to pick up but before long it was stuffed. I've got a video of a toy train stuffed with Moet and sparklers being brought to a mystery big spender. Youtube isn't working for some reason, so here's the vid on Facebook

Couldn't resist a pic with lovely promo dancer Sam.

More pics from the night are on LIV's Facebook

A great night. Other venues perhaps weren't as enjoyable. I took a stroll after leaving. The Mad Friday scenes were more traditional: ambulances racing across the city, paramedics tending to a bloody and bandaged man on John Dalton St, a police van outside RnB club Suede.

Saturday: another Manchester Social Group night out, this time starting in The Lawn Club and moving on to nearby Suburbia. Both great venues although the latter's music was a little cheesy for me.

It's well worth getting involved in the Meetup group if you want to see some more of the city and meet new people.

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