Monday, 7 December 2015

Prospective Mondays

Las Vegas with Trevor McDonald begins on ITV tonight. If it's anything like Mafia with Trevor McDonald, which aired some months ago, it'll be superb. Sir Trevor McDonald's investigations into these shady worlds are always tremendous viewing.

Tuesday: I have found something that may help if you're affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Impact PTSD and DPD Support Group provides assistance for depression, emotional trauma and PTSD and survivors of abuse. It's held at Norden Old Library on Edenfield Rd in Rochdale.

If you fancy a few power ballads on a Friday night, you're not alone. Join 60 other like-minded folk at Manchester Social Scene's Christmas Special at The O2 Ritz. They're starting in nearby Gorilla. It must be a good group if it's that popular.

What is a Christmas Ceili? It's a social event with Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling. Particularly, a Yuletide-themed one. Friday sees one such event happen in Fallowfield with Manchester Social Scene in aid of locally based, Ugandan-focused charities. Live music is provide by Albireo.

Get your Santa / Mrs Santa outfits at the ready: There will be a stampede of Santas- a flurry of Father Christmases- in Manchester on Saturday for the Charity Santa Claus City Centre Bar Crawl. Raising money for MS, the crawl starts at the rowing club at Salford quays, then goes into Manchester via Metrolink. It looks hilarious. Somebody please guest-blog this for me!

If you're a UFC fan you'll already know that the long-anticipated Aldo V McGregor featherweight match is FINALLY going ahead after a painful delay (Aldo's broken rib). This is happening Saturday night at 3am. I need to find a good Manchester venue for boxing and UFC. Suggestions?

I won't be able to watch it though as I'm at feedback group Writers Connect the next day and I need to be fresh for it. If you fancy some creative writing exercises and giving / receiving feedback on stories and poems, check us out in Nexus from 1pm. If advice on writing is something you're after I strongly recommend giving these meetings a shot.

And that's this week. Have I missed anything?

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